【MegaHub Consumption Voucher (“CVS”) Usage Instruction】 Tap & Go – Mastercard

MegaHub is now accepting Tap & Go for PowerTicker subscriptions!

After successfully using the Tap & Go Specific Identifier to register Consumption Voucher Scheme (“CVS”) with the government, Tap & Go will automatically create a Tap & Go Mastercard CVS account and a Tap & Go UnionPay CVS account.
The consumption voucher amount will be distributed equally to Tap & Go Mastercard and UnionPay cards.

(The first disbursement: HKD $2,000, second disbursement: HKD $3,000)


MegaHub accepts only Tap & Go Mastercard CVS account. Please transfer the respective amount from “Tap & Go UnionPay CVS account” to “Tap & Go Mastercard CVS account” in order to subscribe PowerTicker.


Tap & Go Payment Procedure

1. Go to MegaHub’s Online Subscription page. Select your PowerTicker subscription package and click “SUBSCRIBE NOW”.


Check the respective box on “PowerTicker Online Subscription” page if you would like to include any value-added service, if not, you may proceed by simply clicking “Confirm” to proceed with payment on the “Order Form” page.

2. Please fill in your personal details on the “Order Form” page and select your preferred payment method.


Please ensure your Tap & Go Mastercard CVS account balance is sufficient for PowerTicker subscription if Consumption Voucher is your selected payment method. Split order is also available for insufficient Consumption Voucher balance.

A. Full Payment by Consumption Voucher

Select “Consumption Voucher (Tap & Go – Mastercard Only)”.

Please fill in your personal details and credit card details (Tap & Go – Mastercard).

B. Split Order Payment (applicable to insufficient Consumption Voucher balance only)

Select “Consumption Voucher Split Order (applicable to insufficient Consumption Voucher balance only)” and click “Confirm order”. Our Customer Service will contact you within 1 business day for split order arrangement once the order has been placed.

For any inquiries about split orders, please contact our Customer Service:
Phone: (852) 2584 3820
Email: cs@megahubhk.com

Terms and Conditions:
1. MegaHub reserves the rights of final decision in case of any disputes.
2. Payment is non-refundable.
3. Validity period: 16/8/2021-31/12/2021
4. Voucher can be used in conjunction with other coupon code.