Market Data Display

MegaHub specializes in the integration of market data, such as real-time data, company fundamentals and financial information on the Hong Kong, China, and U.S. stock markets, through mobile apps and website solutions.

  • For terminals

MegaHub provides institutional and individual investors with premier financial market data and analytics through terminals, available in mobile and desktop versions. Customers trust us to help support their investment activities through a broad range of data and analytics solutions, such as in-depth streaming, real-time and historical market data coupled with the latest news and commentaries on Hong Kong, Mainland China and U.S. markets, including equities, futures, warrants, FX and indices etc.

  • For websites

MegaHub provides web design and development with market data integration. With the combination of industry-specific knowledge, cutting-edge technology and financial knowhow, we are capable of delivering responsive web solutions. We offer fully developed website solutions including content management systems (CMS), as well as web modules with financial market data.

  • For mobile applications

For mobile channels, MegaHub develops native apps with low latency market data and customized features such as stock and global futures trading, simulated trading games and stock portfolios. MegaHub also offers embedded modules for mobile channels, to enhance the features of our clients’ apps with real-time stock, futures, commodities, FX and precious metals quotes, and listed company fundamentals and announcements.

Trading Interface Development

MegaHub develops and designs trading interfaces for use on mobile and web channels. Our experiences in integrating solutions with the major stock and futures trading platforms in Hong Kong, such as 2GoTrade, ABC, Ayers, eBroker, iAsia, Sharp Point and Top Technology are unparalleled.

  • For terminals and websites

Our team has a unique combination of technical, design, financial and investment expertise, enabling us to create and add value to the businesses we work with beyond simply developing trading interfaces for terminals and web portals. Institutional investors, securities brokers and other financial services stakeholders require seamless integration of multiple systems with partner trading platforms, to experience secure trading services and unhindered access to real-time data.

  • For mobile applications

MegaHub has worked with many companies, actively involved in the design and development of some of the most successful mobile trading apps ever launched in the Hong Kong market. Underpinning our strengths are the creativity and innovation we constantly apply to create unique features for our clients’ apps. Those popular apps effectively increase end user engagement. We also offer mobile trading solutions for a wide range of asset classes, including stock markets, global futures, options and more.

Data and Information Products

MegaHub delivers a broad array of market data, company fundamentals, financials and announcements, etc, for institutional clients, focusing on Hong Kong, Mainland China, U.S. and the global markets.

Our market data service covers:

  • Hong Kong securities, indices, futures and options
  • China securities and indices
  • U.S. securities
  • Forex and commodities

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