PowerTicker Download Version v1.1.1 is Available for Download

Please click on the links below to download the newest version of PowerTicker.

EXE File

ZIP File

What’s New in v1.1.1:

  • System Changes
    Added Window Linkage function (changing stock code in one linked window changes it for all linked windows)
    Added Auto Font Size adjust
    Fixed bug in Auto Update feature
  • Teletext
    Added Dividend Pay Date
  • Heatmap
    Added All Indices category
  • Futures Tracker (Added-Value Service)
    Fixed bug in Futures Tracker Manager
  • PowerTracker (Added-Value Service)
    Added function to import/export strategy
  • Broker Search
    View search history for broker code
  • Chart
    Added StocRSI in small chart
    Change behaviour – Zoom to recalculate the data range value in sub chart ( AD Line, ADX, ATR, BB%, BB Width, CCI, Chaikin MF, Chaikin Osc, Chailin Vol, HML, MoneyFlow, Momentum, MTM, OBV, PVT, ROC, TRIX, Volatility)
    Drawing Object enable editing color, thickness and style. Added Popup menu item to do editing, deleting selected object and deleting all drawing object
    Use Tree View to select Technical Indicator
    Add Profile Switch

If you have any questions regarding the upgrade, please call us at (852)2584-3820 or email at cs@megahubhk.com.