1.1 Chinese version of “Privacy Policy Statement” is for reference only. In case of any discrepancies between the English and Chinese versions, the English version shall prevail

1.1 中文版本「私隐政策声明」仅供阁下参考之用,一切以英文版本之「私隐政策声明」为准。


1.2 MegaHub Limited (hereafter “Company”) respects the privacy of your personal data, and pledges to comply with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.

1.2 天汇财经有限公司(下称「本公司」)尊重阁下的个人资料和私隐权,并承诺在遵守个人资料 (私隐) 条例的规定。

Personal Data Collection 收集个人资料


1.3 In order to provide service to our subscribers, registered members, website visitors, the Company will collect your personal data during subscription process, member registration process, and browsing our website. Please be advised that if you decline to provide your personal data we required or refuse to give consent to use such personal data, we may not be able to provide service to you.

1.3 为向订户、登记用户、网站访客提供服务,本公司会于订阅程序、用户登记程序、访客浏览网站时收集阁下的个人资料。 敬请垂注,若阁下未能提供本公司请求的个人资料,或不同意本公司使用该等个人资料,本公司可能无法提供服务予阁下。


1.4 Personal data collected by the Company including but is not limited to following items:

  • Name
  • Telephone number, mobile number, and/or fax number
  • Email address
  • Correspondence address
  • Credit card number, name of bank and expiry date
  • Service fee payment record
  • Date and Time of logging in our information system

1.4 本公司收集的个人资料包括但不限于以下各项:

  • 姓名
  • 电话号码、流动电话号码,及 / 或传真机号码
  • 电邮地址
  • 通讯地址
  • 信用卡号码、银行名称及信用卡有效日期
  • 服务费用缴付纪录
  • 登入本公司信息系统的日期及时间


1.5 When you visit the Company website, we shall record anonymous and general usage patterns of website visitor by the following means. But such information cannot identify any particular individual:

  • Use “cookie” files to store and track information about your usage. You can alter browser setting to disable “cookie”, however some of our services may not function properly in doing so;
  • Deploy third party service (e.g. Google Analytics) to record website traffic and usage patterns. The information collected is aggregated statistic data, and will not contain personal data;
  • Web server automatically generated system log, including IP address, usage date and time, type of browser, of the pages visited, and etc.

1.5 当阁下浏览本公司网站时,本公司将利用以下方法记录网站访客的不记名及一般使用模式,但该等数据不足以辨识任何个人身份:

  • 使用「 cookie 」小型文本文件来储存和追踪关于阁下的使用模式,阁下可更改浏览器的设定而拒绝储存「 cookie 」,但我们一些服务可能因此而未能正常运作;
  • 使用第三方公司服务 (如Google Analytics) 来纪录网站流量及使用模式,而该等数据为集体统计数据,不会包含个人资料;
  • 网站服务器自动产生的系统纪录,包括 IP 地址、使用时间、浏览器款式、曾浏览的网页等。


1.6 Please be aware that Company’s advertisers or web sites that have links on our web site may collect personal data about you. We have no control over and therefore not liable to their use of your information.

1.6 本公司的广告商或在本公司网站上设有链接的其他网站,或会收集你的个人资料。 本公司对其如何使用阁下之数据并无控制权,故此本公司对他们使用阁下之数据概不负责。


Use of Personal Data 个人资料的使用


1.7 The main purposes for which personal data may be used are:

  • processing registration or subscription for our services and termination thereof;
  • handling service calls, enquiries and complaints;
  • daily operation for provision of our services;
  • conducting market research for statistical or other purposes;
  • billing and collecting payment;
  • distribution of service alert and newsletter;
  • to promote or direct marketing of product/service, and latest offers from all websites, services, seminars, events of the Company, including subscription renewal offer, gifts, and other privileges;
  • to promote or direct marketing of product/service, and latest offers from our business partners, including financial product/service, software, exhibition, seminar, publication and website ;
  • meeting the requirements to make disclosure under the requirements of any law binding on the Company or under and for the purposes of any guidelines issued by regulatory or other authorities with which the Company is expected to comply;
  • other related purposes.

1.7 阁下提供的个人资料可被用作以下主要用途:

  • 办理成为会员或订户的登记程序及终止使用的手续
  • 处理用户来电、查询及投诉
  • 涉及提供服务的日常运作
  • 为统计或其他目的进行市场研究
  • 发出缴费单及收取费用
  • 发放服务提示及通讯
  • 推广及直接促销本公司旗下各网站、服务、讲座、活动及宣传推广之各种产品 / 服务和最新优惠,包括续订优惠、礼品、及其他优惠
  • 推广及直接促销本公司的商务伙伴之各种产品 / 服务和最新优惠,包括金融产品 / 服务、软件、展览、讲座、刊物及网站
  • 根据对本公司有约束力的法例规定,或因监管或其他管理机构所要求本公司遵守的指引而作出披露
  • 其他有关的用途


Transfer of Personal Data 个人资料的转移


1.8 Personal data will be kept confidential but, subject to the provisions of any applicable law, may be provided to (whether within or outside Hong Kong):

  • Competent court of law, law enforcement agencies, other governmental, statutory or regulatory authorities, institutions or organizations;
  • Company’s associated company, engaging in financial services for provision of the Services;
  • any officer, employee, agent, contractor or third party who provides administrative, credit information, telecommunications, computer, payment or other services to the Company in connection with the operation of their business;
  • Any other person under a duty of confidentiality to the Company including a group company of the Company which has undertaken to keep such information confidential.

1.8 个人资料将予以保密,但在遵守任何适用法律条文的前提下,可提供给 (不论是在香港境内或境外) :

  • 法院、执法机关、其他政府法定或监管部门、机构或组织
  • 本公司从事金融服务并参与提供服务之联系公司
  • 任何向本公司提供有关其业务运作之行政、信贷数据、电讯、计算机、缴款或其他服务之高级职员、雇员、代理、承包商或第三者
  • 任何对公司有保密责任的人,包括本公司集团内已承诺保密该等数据的公司

Use of Data in Direct Marketing 于直销活动使用个人资料


1.9 The Company intend to use your personal data in following direct marketing and we require your consent (which includes an indication of no objection) for that purpose.

(a) product/service, and latest offers of the Company

(b) following product/service, and latest offers of the Company’s business partners:

  • financial product/service
  • software
  • exhibition
  • seminar
  • publication and website

1.9 本公司拟使用阁下的个人资料作以下的直接促销,为此本公司须取得阁下的同意(包括表示不反对)。

(a) 推广本公司之各种产品/服务和最新优惠;

(b) 推广本公司商务伙伴之以下各种产品/服务和最新优惠

  • 金融产品 / 服务
  • 软件
  • 展览
  • 讲座
  • 刊物及网站


1.10 If you do not wish the Company to use your data for use in direct marketing as described above, you may exercise your opt-out right by notifying the Company.

1.10 如阁下不希望本公司如上述使用其数据作直接促销用途,阁下可通知本公司行使其选择权拒絶促销。


Security of Personal Data 个人资料的安全


1.11 The Company undertakes to make its best efforts to protect the quality and integrity of your personal data. The Company intends to take all practicable steps to ensure that personal data held by it are protected against unauthorised or accidental access, processing, erasure or other unauthorised usage .

1.11 本公司将采取一切可行措施保障所持的个人资料,避免在未经授权或意外情况下被查取、处理、删除或作其他未经授权的用途。

Access and Correction of Personal Data 查阅和更正个人资料


1.12 You have the right to ascertain whether the Company holds your personal data, to obtain a copy of the data, and to correct any data that is inaccurate. You may also request of the Company to inform you of the type of personal data held by it.

Requests for access and correction should be addressed in writing to:


Customer Service Department
MegaHub Limited
Flat A-D, 10th Floor, Champion Building,
287-291 Des Voeux Road Central,
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Fax : (852) 2584-3801
Email : cs@megahubhk.com

1.12 阁下有权查明本公司是否持有阁下的个人资料,获得数据的副本,以及更正任何不准确的数据。 阁下还可以要求本公司告知阁下本公司所持个人资料的种类。



香港上环德辅道中 287-291 号
长达大厦 10 楼 A-D 室
传真:(852) 2584-3801
电邮: cs@megahubhk.com


Date : June 27, 2013

日期: 2013 年 6 月 27 日